Netherne Community Bus

The Community Bus operates Monday to Friday, during peak morning & evening commuter hours, taking passengers to and from Coulsdon South station. The Netherne Bus timetable is as follows:
Morning departures from Netherne Drive:
638am, 700am, 719am, 738am, 800am, 830am, 910am.
Evening returns from Coulsdon South:
530pm, 605pm, 635pm, 700pm, 720pm, 740pm.
We will continue to advise of future timetable changes using all of our regular communication mediums – including Email, Twitter, Facebook, Website as well as a poster inside the Bus itself.
A pre-pay ticket system is in operation, tickets can be purchased from the village shop.  From 12 March 2018, a book of ten adult tickets will cost £20 (which works out as £2 per journey) and a book of ten child tickets will cost £10.  There is no expiry date on the tickets and we have committed to a price freeze until 2020.
There is also a limited supply of adult ticket books available to purchase on the bus itself.  If you do not wish to purchase a book of tickets and are making only occasional journeys on the bus, it is permitted to pay a cash fare on the bus.  However, as we wish to discourage users from paying cash fares, from 12th March 2018 these are £3 for adults and £1.50 for children.
For anyone wishing to head into town in the evenings, please note that the Bus normally departs Netherne Drive 10 minutes before the pick up time at Coulsdon South station.
If you have any queries in relation to the Community Bus please contact:
We also have a Facebook Group for our bus users called ‘Netherne Bus’ which can be found here: