Netherne Community Bus

Christmas 2018 Timetable

The period between Christmas and New Year has always tended to be very quiet for the Netherne bus, with most passengers taking advantage of the holiday season.  However, we know a few people will still need to go into work on 24/27/28/31 December.  Experience also tells us that people try/tend to get home a bit earlier during this period.
There are only limited train services from Coulsdon South during these days, and only going to London Bridge. It’s the same story from Coulsdon Town – no Victoria trains.
We will therefore be running a limited Netherne bus service on 24, 27, 28 and 31 December.  The service will be to/from Coulsdon South for this period.
Trains will depart from Coulsdon South at 709am, 739am, 809am, 839am, 909am. All going to London Bridge (no Victoria services).
Evening return train times at Coulsdon South are 522pm, 552pm, 622pm, and 652pm.
To target the above trains, the Netherne Bus service will therefore run as follows:
Morning departures from Netherne Drive to Coulsdon South: 657am, 727am, 757am, 827am and 857am only.
Evening returns from Coulsdon South: 525pm, 555pm, 625pm and 655pm only.
The normal bus service will then resume from Wednesday 2nd January 2019.
With best wishes for the New Year from all of the Netherne bus team!

New Bus Timetable Effective 25th July 2018

The Community Bus operates Monday to Friday, during peak morning & evening commuter hours, taking passengers to and from Coulsdon South station.

A pre-pay ticket system is in operation, tickets can be purchased either on the bus itself, or from the Pavilion Cafe. From 12 March 2018, a book of ten adult tickets will cost £20 (which works out as £2 per journey) and a book of ten child tickets will cost £10. There is no expiry date on the tickets and we have committed to a price freeze until 2020.

If you do not wish to purchase a book of tickets and are making only occasional journeys on the bus, it is permitted to pay a cash fare on the bus. However, as we wish to discourage users from paying cash fares, from 12th March 2018 these are £3 for adults and £1.50 for children.

A new evening bus timetable will be effective from Wednesday 25 July, as follows:

Morning departures from Netherne Drive (no changes):
635am, 655am, 713am, 737am, 805am, 835am and 905am

Evening returns from Coulsdon South:
520pm, 550pm, 610pm, 640pm, 700pm, 720pm and 740pm

As you can see, we are reverting to seven departures in the morning and evening.

Background to the new bus timetable:

Thameslink have reinstated several train services, in both the morning and evening. As a result of these train timetable changes, the evening bus timetable no longer dovetails well with the trains.

Current morning train departure times to London are as follows:

0648 departure to LBG
0654 departure to VIC
0709 departure to LBG
0718 departure to LBG
0724 departure to VIC
0739 departure to LBG
0748 departure to LBG
0754 departure to VIC
0809 departure to LBG
0818 departure to LBG
0824 departure to VIC
0839 departure to LBG
0848 departure to LBG
0854 departure to VIC
0909 departure to LBG
0918 departure to LBG
0924 departure to VIC

Current Evening return times at Coulsdon South:

1708 arrival from VIC
1717 arrival from LBG
1724 arrival from LBG
1735 arrival from VIC
1747 arrival from LBG
1754 arrival from LBG
1805 arrival from VIC
1824 arrival from LBG
1835 arrival from VIC
1847 arrival from LBG
1854 arrival from LBG
1906 arrival from VIC
1917 arrival from LBG
1922 arrival from LBG
1936 arrival from VIC

We have reviewed the current bus timetable, taking into account the above train times. The new bus departure times from Wednesday 25 July are shown below:

Morning departures from Netherne Drive (no changes):
635am, 655am, 713am, 737am, 805am, 835am and 905am

Evening returns from Coulsdon South:
520pm, 550pm, 610pm, 640pm, 700pm, 720pm, 740pm

We will continue to advise of future timetable changes using all of our regular communication mediums – including Email, Twitter (@nethernebus), Facebook (Netherne Bus), Website as well as a poster inside the Bus itself.

If you have any queries in relation to the Community Bus please contact: